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Love spells by Dr Kevin a powerful Love Spells Priest with love spells that work fast using ancient Mayan love magic, Egyptian love potions & Shamanistic lost love spells

Love spells have existed for many centuries now, Love Spells Priest learned love spell casting from a series of traditional healers & sangoma's in his clan so he is more than capable to help your love problems.

Consult Dr Kevin at or call +27 738 341 799 for spiritual help

Love spells

Love spells that work fast

The Priest of Love - Dr Kevin has all the spiritual answers to your love problems. Dr Kevin will help you find love with love spells that work fast

Dr Kevin will help you solve love problem in your marriage with love spells that work fast & even go to the extant of bring back a lost lover with powerful lost love spells that have worked since eternity

Love spells are a force & power in the same sense that strength and persistence are powers; In the hands of a powerful Love Spells Priest who has the ancient African voodoo, healing Mayan rituals, Egyptian magic; Love spells will influence desire between lovers

Lost love spells

You deserve love as much as you deserve to be loved

The Love Spells Priest has spells for lost love that will bring back a lost lover or ex-lover that you are still in love with.

Lost love spells return your ex-lover for good & Lost Love spells to bring back a lost lover so that you are together forever

Channel love to bring desired results with love spells in all areas of love, lost love, marriage and relationships

South African Love Spells

South African Love Spells custom designed for South African women & South African men who have love problems.

South Africa love spells to stop your lover from leaving you or cheating on you. South Africa love spells to bind you and your lover to eternal love, relationship and marriage commitment.

Love spells

Love Spells to help you win the game of love. Find love spells for matters of the heart.

Love spells for the long haul, love spells for enduring marriage.

Love spells for understanding, love spells for relationship happiness & remove doubts.

Love spells to stop cheating & make lovers trustworthy

Marriage love spells

The souls desire to connect and commit makes the aspiration for marriage one of our most basic instincts.

If you are not ready to lose your marriage you have marriage spells

If you want to be married with the person you desire you have marriage spells

For lifelong commitment with the one you desire get marriage spells

Relationship love spells

Find love, Start Dating with relationship love spells to help you find the right person and build a worthwhile relationship.

Marriage is also a commitment to actualizing the divine plan which spawned all of creation

Start a relationship with relationship love spells.

Find true love and be happy with relationship love spells

The attraction to the opposite sex actually stems from the soul innate desire to reunite with its soulmate

Prevent Divorce love spells

Calm down divorce spells can restore your marriage and prevent a divorce

Tell me your birth date and I will help you to see your love future.

If you were the one who wrecked things, apologizing sincerely is a good way to start the reconciliation.

Let me cast a love spell and watch as I bring back the love

I can prevent a divorce and restore your marriage with love spells to prevent divorce

Find love

Love spells to help single men & women find love.

If you want to form a lasting relationship with someone cast a love spell or ask the Love Spells Priest to cast a love spell for you.

Find better love with love spells to make true love find your way into your life.

Good love is hard to find love spells bring love to you.

Love yourself

Take a minute to think about it. Its an important question because your answer will determine how much love you are able to give to others.

You see, if you dont love yourself in a healthy, balanced way, then you wont be able to spread the love of the Universe to those around you because you cant give away something you dont have to begin with.

There is a balanced way to develop a spiritual appreciation for who you are and the abilities universe has given you.

Love spells by the Love Spells Priest call on the higher forces of the universe to awaken your dreams for true and honest love in your life. Love spells to attract love in your life today

Love spells

Love spells are a very powerful form of witchcraft. You must be very careful here, more then anywhere else.

There are love spells for attraction or a love spells cast and designed specifically for your love life.

If love is what you want then love spells will fulfil your wishes. Love spells are real and a Love Spells Priest like Dr Kevin can fufill your dreams for love and lost love.

The Love Spells Priest has many years of experience in casting love spells, so he can help you with his wide range of genuine and real magic spells that will help you to face all kinds of problems.

Love Spells to stop a divorce

Prevent your lover from leaving you with love spells to stop a divorce. Rekindle the love in your life with love spells to stop a divorce.

Prevent a relationship from ending with love spells to prevent a divorce or a breakup, this powerful love spell is going to save your couple. Order this spell now to populate your love life with strong energies that will stop your partner from divorcing and leaving you.

Character of love

Love suffers long and Love is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;

Love does not behave rudely, Love does not seek its own, Love is not provoked, Love does not think evil; Love does not rejoice in iniquity, Love rejoices in the truth;

Love bear all things, Love believe all things, Love hopes all things, Love endures all things. Love never fails.

How love spells function

For untold many centuries a select few powerful men and women have held the secret knowledge on love spells and love magik in their hands. These love spell casters would influence the universe, the forces of nature, kharma, love energies between two people and the universal laws of life to help people find and keep love.

With the help of study, research, experience and mentor-ship by many of these love spell casters, I have managed to become South Africa's most powerful love spell caster. I have been helping people with my love spell casting services since 1983.

In this article I look at some of the reasons I have given to people when trying to convince them about the positive effects of love spells in helping people find true love and keeping it for their rest of their life. Both magic and spell work are most definitely real. However, they can be very hard to define without having years of study devoted to the topic. I will try to give you a very simple, down to earth explanation here.

At its most basic, a spell is a highly detailed wish, or prayer that actually carries with it some power to manifest. It is the process of harnessing and directing energy to manifest a desired outcome or change. There is an inherent energy lying within Earth and all living things. This energy, this capacity for magic radiates from all living beings (including plants, herbs, etc). The goal of magic is to tap into the right kind of energy for your spell work and direct it in a way to create change.

The exact way a love spell works depends on many things. These include the spell itself, the type of magic, the person casting the spell, and the person the spell is being cast for. For example, let us examine one type of spell, the traditional love spell cast upon a person to make them fall in love with you. This would be any love spell that is cast upon a man or woman in order to make them fall in love with yourself or another person.

The energy is harnessed and directed using a variety of tools, like candles, herbs, symbols, chants and actions. One of the most important components of a love spell is the love spell ritual, these are used to create an environment whereby the love spell caster can connect to the universal forces of love. The primary function of ritual is to worship---to celebrate and to connect with the divine. Don’t try do perform a ritual unless you're working a precise spell.

When invoking deities you should know something about them. When you raise magickal energy, have a focus for it---if you let it drift, you're going to get yourself into trouble, because magickal energy seeks out that which needs to be done, voids that need to be filled.

The successful practice of magick depends upon strong belief.

History of Love spells

We want to look at the history and origins of love spells, what they are used for, who uses them, how people use love spells and where you can find love spells.

The origin of love spells cannot be traced to any one place, as they have been in existence through ages in all parts of the world.

Hence, the history of these spells is difficult to pinpoint. There are many versions on the history and origins of love spells. Basically each different account on the history of love spells depends on your belief system which influences how you view the genesis/beginning/origins of the world

In ancient times, the most common way of casting love spells was by making a wax image of the person who was the target of the spell and casting the spell, so that the actual person would get attracted towards love through the wax image.

Love spells were practised as a form of witchcraft in earlier times. At that time feelings such as love were considered as fancies of gods and people had a belief that they could coax and soothe these gods by casting love spells on them. In modern times a love spell is merely a method to help a person make a love connection with another.

Many spells today too are based on age-old practices. For instance, one wears or makes the intended person wear charms on the body or places them next to the bed to arouse love in that person and hence this ancient practice is quite popular in today's times too. Earlier, each tribe followed their own type of love spells and they had tremendous belief in witches and wizards, who according to them could solve all their problems and fulfil their desires. Even today, the most popular reason for people's involvement with witchcraft is love spells.

The first couple, whose beginning differs according to one's belief had two children.

In an attempt to populate the earth, the first girl and boy had to get married, but the problem was the boy was not interested in marrying his sister, since he was more interested in spending time hunting and doing what boys like to do, mischief.

The whole scenario was because females mature faster than man, so the young man was a bit behind, whilst the girl was eager to start a family.

The first girl child together with her mother Eve, then devised a plan to create a Love spell to force the boy to want to get married to his sister and have children so that the earth's population could grow.

So Eve made a love spell using some information she had read from a book that she found at the tree of life when she met Lucifer, the arch-angel.

After she finished creating the love spell, she gave the love spell to her daughter who then cast it on her husband, when the spell worked, the first boy child immediately made a marriage proposal to the first girl child and they consummated it by sharing a home together. 6000 years later this information about love spells has been passed from one mother to another till this day

Do you sometimes feel jealous about your lover? Is your jealousy interfering with your relationship? Is your lover very jealous?

Do you want to be less jealous and more understanding? Do you want your partner to be less jealous and more understanding?

My jealousy love spells will banish all jealousy from your relationship, it will help the person who is jealous in a relationship or marriage to be more understanding and feel less jealousy. It will bring more positive energy to your relationship or marriage, helping you trust each other more and love each other more.

A jealousy love spell first instill feelings of self-love, a sense of inner peace and self assuredness in the person feeling jealousy. Before I cast a jealousy love spell I first cast a relationship tester, to remove all doubt of unfaithfulness in any of the partners. If all partners are faithfull to their love, I will then begin casting the jealousy love spell.

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